7 Reasons You Should Avoid Epidural Injections in Your Spine

  • FDA PDF DownloadEpidural Injections into your spine for bad discs or pain are NOT FDA APPROVED. (This fact is not a criticism of using epidural injections during labor.) We are specifically referring to the use of epidural injections as treatment for the pain of sciatica, stenosis, arthritis, degenerative, bulging and herniated discs.
  • The reason they are NOT FDA APPROVED is because they have not been proven to be safe or effective at all for that purpose. Yet, medical professionals are still advising this unproven approach to patients as an answer. Using these shots that are not designed to help your spine, your discs, or your pain, is known as in the drug and medical industries as “off label” use. How does that sit with you? Is it really the answer you are looking for or deserve?
  • Epidural Injections are destructive and dangerous to your health; which is why the FDA will not approve them as treat­ment for spinal pain, sciatica, stenos is, and other disc issues. They simply do much more damage than good to you – espe­cially if you have received more than one injection! Even one single injection could cause permanent bone loss (osteoporosis) and increase your chances of a future spinal fracture by 21 %.
  • There are also additional dangers that the proponents of epidural injections don’t want you to know: weight gain, cata­racts, auto immune disorders, infections, elevated blood sugar levels, damage to blood vessels, bleeding, dura puncture, nerve damage, paralysis, stroke and even the possibility of death. (Which has unfortunately occurred multiple times.) We believe you deserve better than these side effects and possibilities of irreversible damage that are proven to be linked to epidural injections.
  • Epidural Injections were never created to treat the CAUSE of your pain or inflammation. Treating your pain or your inflammation does not treat WHY you have your pain or inflammation. It’s the same as having a rock in your shoe causing you pain and inflammation, and instead of removing the rock you inject your foot with anti-inflammatories and take pain medication, which will not cure the cause of the problem and allow your condition to get worse. This is why the epidural injection approach only adds to the problems for you, and also why the FDA will not approve these injections for your spinal, disc, or pain issues!
  • Multiple epidural injections can lead to spinal surgery. When you treat your pain with dangerous and ineffective epidural injections, it can only allow your condition to worsen and ultimately leading to the recommendation of spinal surgery as a last resort effort to alleviate your pain and discomfort. Most people who have received spinal surgery received epidural injections before going under the knife. Unfortunately, the results of epidural injections were likely disingenuous and inef­fective, leading to a worsening of the symptoms and then surgery. There are millions of people who have tried epidural injections to cure their back pain who can tell you that these injections are futile and dangerous.
  • The medical industry has an agenda that they want you to fall in to, leading to drugs, injections, and multiple surgeries over your lifetime – all of which they profit from. Don’t allow your health and your well-being to take a back seat to corpo­rate greed! You can live pain free, without receiving a single epidural injection, and we can show you how.

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